Our Services

Our Services

Right guidance is a key to quick & successful settlement

The rights of applicants applying for immigration status to Canada are often enhanced when represented by qualified consultants.

Uma Venkatraman, Director & Immigration Advisor of Visions Canada, is a member in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).    

Certified Member # R420879 – ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council)

She is also registered member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC)

Registered Member # R12174 – CAPIC (Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants)

Visions Canada assists and represents clients worldwide in complete range of services that includes guidance to Permanent and Temporary Resident Visas and post landing and settlement services.

  • Phone Consultation
  • Personal Consultation 
Case file:
  • Review of docs & Counselling
  • Preparation & Representation 
Miscellaneous Services:
  • Queries & Clarifications
  • CAIPS / GCMS – Global Case Management Services


Immigration Services (Permanent and Temporary Resident Visas)

  • Assessment and counselling on eligibility criteria of the client
  • We understand each application is unique in its nature and provide realistic and transparent advise
  • Advice clients on licensing requirement based on their profession as many professions are regulated and require registration and licensing.
  • Selection criteria are constantly revised and updated and we keep abreast of the changes on Immigration regulations to provide proper guidance
  • Review, verify and advise clients on all required documents and supporting evidence for case preparation
  • Every application is meticulously prepared by professionals and presented to Immigration Canada that best shows the merits of the candidate
  • Submission and case profile of the clients are prepared in accordance with the updated procedures and aim towards interview waiver that may lead to quicker process
  • If the applicant is called for personal interview, our counsellors assist in interview preparation and provide required interview preparatory materials and documents
  • All correspondence and communication on client’s case file with the Canadian Consulates / lodgement posts will be represented by our qualified consultants
  • Monitor client’s case proceedings and advise and update on their status on immigration process
  • Guide clients on medical formalities and background / security clearance
  • Prepare and provide clients with general information on Canada, labour market, government, education and health care system

Settlement Services

  • Greet you at the airport on arrival
  • Arrange accommodation based on your budget
  • Registration of cards such as SIN Card (Social Insurance Card) & Health Card
  • Assistance with medical insurance coverage for the first 3 months of landing until you get your Health card from the government
  • Assist in opening bank account, credit card formalities
  • Familiarization tour of locality – Library card registration, community center, shopping / grocery tips for immediate supplies
  • Advise on school admissions, documentation & immunization requirement etc.
  • Assistance with securing Child Tax Benefit
  • Advise on phone facilities, such as residential phone, cell phone, calling cards for long distance etc.
  • Information to obtain ‘Driver’s License’ and introductory booklet on Road Safety requirements
  • Tips on Vehicle, Furniture purchase etc.
  • Registration with employment agencies and introduction to job search programs
  • Counselling programs on financial services such as Education plans for children (RESP), Life insurance, Travel insurance, extended medical insurance etc.
  • Basic orientation to the Canadian lifestyle