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Previous Events

Direct Recruitment of Tanzanian and Nigerian Students to University of Fraser Valley, British Columbia

Venky Subramaniam, Visions Canada Director of Operations and Recruitment is travelling to Dar Es salaam, Tanzania and Lagos, Nigeria for student recruitment. He is travelling as an associate and authorized representative for the University of Fraser Valley, B.C., Canada for student admissions. He will be available at Protea Hotel Courtyard, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania from 26th – 30th Jan ’12 for spot student recruitments and you are welcome to book appointments by email – or contact at the hotel phone # +255(0)222130130


Opening Doors To Australian Students

Canada offers some of the best courses, colleges and quality of training for International Students. Venky Subramaniam, Visions Canada Director of Operations and Recruitment; will be available in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia between April 20 – 28th. Prospective students who wish to explore their options in a variety of Canadian institutions are strongly encouraged to meet with him.

Venky Subramaniam brings with him years of experience in helping students choose their most suited courses. He can also give insights on the options for living and working in Canada beyond the duration of the course. While in Australia, Venky Subramaniam can be contacted at #044 970 1147 or via email at :