Work Visa vs. PR

Work Visa vs. PR

Know the difference between immigration visa and temporary work visa:

What is Immigration or Permanent residency Visa?

  • A document allowing a person to live and work anywhere inCanada
  • Confers permanent resident status.
  • Can sponsor family members for Permanent resident status.
  • Comes with certain responsibilities and can be revoked if the holder is out of the country for too long, or is guilty of some criminal activity.
  • A permanent resident may apply for Citizenship after 3 years.

How is an Employment authorization different from an Immigration Visa?

  • An Employment Authorization permits an eligible visitor to reside and work inCanadafor a limited period of time
  • Restrictions are usually placed on the type of employment
  • It will not, by itself, lead to Canadian permanent resident status.

Comparison of Temporary Work Permit and Visa (H1 B) &
Canadian immigration and Permanent Residency Visa

Temporary Work Permit & Visa

(H1 B, Job visa, Work visa etc.)

Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) Visa / Immigration Visa

“Can not change sponsoring employer leaving with very little negotiating power and in some cases other abuses of this power”. Free to move between jobs and locations.  Even work on contract as a consultant which could result in tax benefits.
“In case of getting laid off, or the company closing down, have to leave the Country within a few days. (out of status problems)”. Free to find another job.   While unemployed, unemployment insurance is a strong “safety net”.
“Have a strong desire to start own business. Unable to do so.” Individuals can commence their businesses by registering with the Ministry of Consumer Relations.
If spouse wishes to work, need to arrange for sponsorship from potential employers; thus creating a barrier in finding employment. Spouse can legally work in Canada.  No permits or authorizations needed.
Limitation of returning to origin of country if Green Card is not approved prior to 6 year limit on H 1 B Visa. No such risk, upon landing inCanada, new immigrants and their families receive permanent resident visa status.
Cannot sponsor family members besides spouse and dependent children. Permanent residents (PR) can sponsor other family members (parents, dependent siblings besides spouse & dependent kids).
Long wait for the Green Card and then longer wait for the Citizenship. Permanent Residents (PR) can apply for citizenship after 3 years of stay in Canada.
Traveling outside of the USAcan face renewal risks when returning. PR can travel anywhere, anytime as long as the residency obligation of 2 years accumulated residency out of 5 years are met.